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Not only are our coaches experts in nutrition, recovery and exercise. Our client success managers ensure you get a coach that suits your needs and your personality.

The Team

We know the coach-client relationship is an important one. We have selected coaches with a wide-range of skills, capabilities and personalities to make sure you get to work with a coach who matches your needs.


Coach & Gym Captain

I studied in Varala Sports Institute and I have a background in MMA. My coaching style is goal oriented and focused. Tough, but fair.



I have a degree both in physiotherapy and osteopathy, which gives me a broad educational background to help with various issues. As a physiotherapist, I am empathetic and always eager to learn new things.


Coach & Content Creator

I was a combat sports coach for over 15 years and I have specialised in Kettlebell training. I want to help my clients to find ways to better the quality of their life through healthy nutrition, exercising and sports.


Coach & Physiotherapist

As a trained physiotherapist and former national team athlete, I am able to coach clients of various levels with precision and personalized attention, while being understanding.



Lifting weights has been my passion for over 10 years and I love guiding people towards their health and fitness goals in a serious but fun atmosphere.



Master of sports science, coaching for more than 10 years and experienced in sports medicine/ rehab and performance coaching.
Expect empathy, honesty and a smile during our journey.



Martial Artist & Coach with an Engineering background. Being a lifelong athlete in many sports has given me tools to help all kinds of people. Open, creative and calm person.



Former Rugby player, game developer and Powerlifter all the way from Ireland. I work with all walks of life, so if your goal is either big or small. We can reach it.


Customer Success Manager

Bachelor's degree in Sports and Health Promotion. I make sure to listen attentively to my clients' needs and concerns. I help my clients develop personalized plans and provide ongoing support to ensure success.


Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager my job is to find the best coach for you when you sign up. As a coach I help my customers achieve their goals with health and fitness.



Graduated as a fitness instructor from Arcada University of Applied Sciences, specializing in coaching (Bachelors in Sport and Health Promotion). Studied nutrition as a minor in an open university. Empathetic coach who has been working in the fitness industry since 2019.



I'm a Certified Personal Trainer in Finland. I've been coaching a variety of clients since 2019. My main goal as a coach is to establish an environment where my clients feel valued and acknowledged, and have unwavering trust in the process that will lead them to achieve their goals.



Graduated in Finland with FAF International Personal Training LV3 Diploma. I help people get fit and improve their well-being no matter what their fitness level is. My coaching focuses on long-term, sustainable training solutions that will set you up for success rather than frustration.



With my studies in physiotherapy and extensive background in strength training and martial arts, I am able to effectively but safely coach various clients with different backgrounds and skill levels towards their own goals.


Coach & Gym Captain

Having competed and coached martial arts at a high level I know what challenges high-performers face and how to tackle them. I have an open minded approach and will find each client their own path to their goals


Coach & Gym Captain

I have represented Finland at the national team level in two different sports. I have several years of coaching experience, during which I have coached clients starting from all levels. My expertise has grown very broad over the years.



I have a background in physical activity since childhood, both in team sports and martial arts. I have kept up with muscle and strength training for the last 15 years. I am passionate about optimizing nutrition and well-being. I am able to help clients across a wide range of starting points and goals.


Coach & Physiotherapist

I'm a positive physiotherapist who gets along with everyone. I have a background in rehabilitation and mobility. I also enjoy helping clients getting from the lounge room to the weight room.



Studied at Impulssi and ISSA (International Sport Science Association). I love to share my education and help others achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves. I like to lift, cook and learn new things.



A combined 20 years of experience with powerlifting, martial arts, and hypertrophy training and a background in finance have taught me how to balance training, health and recovery as well as a busy job. I want to help you find that same balance and allow you to reach your goals.

Antti K.


Since childhood, I've been captivated by human movement, leading me to coaching with several years of experience. My sports background involves board and extreme sports, shaping my unique perspective on human movement. I firmly believe there's an inner athlete in everyone—let's uncover it together.



Years of coaching experience in individual and team sports, and a Bachelor's degree in Sports and Health Promotion. I will challenge you to reach your goals with energy and a twinkle in my eye!


Product Manager

With a background in sports coaching and management, athletic development is my strength, and by keeping things simple I can provide effective coaching to people of all ages and levels.



Graduated from two degrees in Sports Institute of Finland and have coached a variety of sports for teams and individuals. Empathetic with high energy and a drive to get you to your goals.



Studied Sports and Exercise Science in Dublin Ireland. Certified PT in both Ireland and Finland. An experienced, enthusiastic and passionate coach with 6 plus years coaching people of all levels.


Customer Success Manager

I am an Authorized Personal Trainer (APT) and have experience coaching approximately 4000 sessions and counting. The cornerstone of my coaching is built around trust and open communication. I provide two ears and give you insight so you can realize your full potential.



9 years experience in the fitness field with a major interest and education in postural correction and weight loss.

My goal: make movement a daily habit, like brushing teeth. Helping achieving our goals day by day is my main fuel for working better with each person.


Customer Success Manager

I have worked as a coach for five years and have always prioritized the needs and goals of the client. I strongly believe that each client is unique and deserves personal attention and guidance to achieve the best possible results.



My background in professional football has instilled in me a relentless pursuit of success and an unwavering commitment to teamwork. I thrive on challenges and truly believe that the company I work for is the best thing after Lionel Messi. With my unique blend of leadership, passion, and competitive spirit, I am committed to driving our company's growth and success to new heights.



I look after the finances of the company and I'm passionate about making the numbers work. I have also Master's Degree in Sport Science and in Management. Always happy to help!


Operations Assistant

I'm an athletic and active person who has played ice hockey for several years. Through this sport, I've learned important values such as teamwork, self-discipline, and goal-setting. I'm willing to work hard to achieve my goals, both in my personal life and my career.



With the enthusiasm in all kind of sports and a background in physiotherapy I will help you reach your goals and optimise your overall health. Currently competing in powerlifting, so I have experience and passion especially for strength training. I coach with empathetic, positive and very supportive attitude.


Head of Growth

I actively look after my own health and fitness so I can be full of energy when I get home to my kids after a work day. I have an MBA in international marketing and 13+ years of experience in marketing and business development.



I have 20 years of experience in competitive sports, which has provided me versatile tools for working with clients with different starting levels and goals. I am easily approachable and energetic and with personal attention and guidance I help my clients reach their goals.



I am an attentive listener with a great sense of humor, dedicated to fostering strong relationships with my clients and facilitating positive, lasting changes in their lives. With experience in both CrossFit group coaching and individual 1:1 training, my approach is tailored for beginner and advanced clients who wish to embark on their fitness journey through bodyweight training or are interested in crossfit-style workouts.



I'm a versatile fitness enthusiast with experience in martial arts and bouldering. I have a strong passion for bodyweight and strength training, and I love incorporating a diverse range of exercises into my workouts. Renowned for my joyful approach, I constantly strive to push myself and others beyond what we believe to be our limits. By creating challenging and enjoyable workouts, I aim to unlock our true potential.



I am a versatile trainer with background in many different sports and different training methods overall. I usually focus a lot on athleticism, bodyweight and power through motion. Recently I've been coaching and training climbing and OCR.



I’m a certified personal trainer and fitness coach with over 10 years of experience and 10k+ coaching sessions with clients of various levels. I also have a background in powerlifting and natural bodybuilding at a national level. I keep the workouts fun yet challenging and will help you on the journey to become a better you.



I have a Bachelor's degree in Sports Science and Health Promotion. I specialize in developing a strong & long-lasting body by optimising bodyweight training combined with free weights. As a coach I am respectful and direct with a touch of humour.



From pro basketball player to international level strongman competitor, my path is all about achieving clear results. With a background in coaching and personal training, I value each person's journey. I balance professionalism, empathy, and determination to drive success – I only thrive when you do.


Coach & Physiotherapist

I have 12 years of experience in strength training, functional training, and coaching individuals and groups.

I ensure that my clients feel comfortable, well, and safe during their sessions. In my coaching, I prioritize comprehensive and personalized care, placing the client's needs as the top priority.

Otto B.


I'm a driven and goal-oriented physio with a background in strength training. My approach is comprehensive and empathetic. I pride myself on being a good listener. Helping people discover the joy and benefits of an active lifestyle is one of my biggest motivations. My goal is to help you become the best you can be!

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“If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness.”

- Robin Sharma -

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